#232 – I will be with you

This message to Gideon, is a message to you. Your enemies and your problems are going to be soon destroyed. As big as, your issues seem and, as strong as, your haters may be. It will be, as if, you were fighting just one man.

Your power is not within your own strengths, but in who is with you and who has called you, to fight. The fight is not yours, so winning or losing is not up to you. The battle is the Lord’s.

Gideon was the weakest man, from the weakest clan, yet he was the one chosen to save God’s people. God called Gideon, a ‘Mighty Warrior’. His might was based on God alone and not on Gideon’s past conquest.

Like many, Gideon suffered with self doubt and insecurities, but does your resume’ matter to God? Does it affect HIS calling. The calling overrides the qualifications. Forget what is missing, go in the strength you have. The question before Gideon, is the question before you now. “Am I not sending you?”

Judges 6:16
I will be with you. And you will destroy the Midianites, as if you were fighting against one man.

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