#244 – This son of mine was dead

I am the Prodigal Father and live from covenant to covenant. I wait in anticipation for reconciliation to my beloved, which is you. I hold restoration in my left hand and redemption in my right hand.

If I am talking to you, then I am also restoring you. Fellowship with ME is restoration. I embody the Tree of Life, all that you need and are hoping for can be found in ME.

I am waiting for you to, ‘come to yourself’ and return ME, your Father. If you would only walk towards ME, I will run to you. It is all about you. The heavens and the earth were made with you in mind. It is all for your pleasure, in ME.

I have been anticipating your arrival and look eagerly for your return, daily. The fattened calf and a festival are on standby. I have new sandals, to cover the past sin. I have a new robe, to cover the present sin and I have a new ring (covenant) to cover the future sin.

Luke 15:24
For this son of mine was dead and is alive again; he was lost and is found.’ So they began to celebrate.

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