#364 – Hiding your Scars

I see a floodgate of souls, waiting for the specific, unique and essential voice of your testimony. Release the floodgate. Allow what you have seen and been through to become a beacon of hope for others.

Perfection comes through process. The potter pounds the clay to mold it, he then places it in the fire, to establish it. The pounding of pain and the fire of disappointment are your perfectors and not your problem.

Hiding your scars is not courageous is it allowing the shame of a past defeats, to defeat you again. The scar is a permanent tattoo of what you have been through, what you have survived and what was not capable of defeating you.

Sharing your story is sharing MY Glory. It was ME, that brought you through the storm. It was ME, that left the 99 to find you, the one. It was ME, that placed you on the potter’s wheel and it was ME, that placed you in the fire.

Jeremiah 18:6
Like clay in the hand of the potter, so are you in my hand, Israel.

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  1. OMG It was God all along. God allowed me to go through my go through that I could get to my ‘get to’. God took everything ..the good The bad and the ugly and worked it all together for my good. It didn’t feel good it didn’t look good but it was for the making of me. I’ve been on the potters wheel a long time and He is still molding me into who He destined me to be.

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