PWG Connect

PWG Connect the Plan –

Point Men

– Bakar Bey

– John Samon

Committed CALLERS #

1. David Shird

2. Peter John

3. Dexter Christian

4. Albert Logan IV

5. Martin Lee Jr.

6. Royce Jones

7. Frankie Collins

8. Shedrich Webster

9. Anthony AD Walker

10. Jakuta Williams

11. Adrian Hargrove

12. Brian Keith


The reasons brothers are absent from the call are these:

1. No one reached out to them.

2. They were offended in some way.

3. There is no real sense of community, beyond the call.

4. The heart of their needs are not being met.

5. The resource we claim to be is not genuine.

6. A lack of connection

7. Did not feel embraced


– Many have expressed the need, want and desire for deeper relationships

– We ALL have a hard time asking for help.

– Every man here, every man on the call is broken and needs help


PRY (The Why)

– Pray. [You are Safe]

○ Real life is happening deaths, births, health concerns, mental health challenges and the

unique hardships of being a man. On a scale of 1-10, how is your heart? A genuine interest in how men are really doing.

◆ Heart

◆ Health

◆ Head Space

– Retention [You matter]

○ The call was built by men for men to better men. We are here to inspire, inform,

challenge, accomplish and to make men answerable. ◆ Inclusion

◆ Intervention

◆ Incorporation

– Yield [You are essential]

○ In order to produce better men, husbands, father and leaders. We must sacrifice time,

effort, energy and our comfort, to go get the men. ◆ Membership

◆ Sponsorship

◆ Discipleship

Buckets (The Who)

– The one and done callers

– The Intermittent callers

– The dedicated callers

3 Pronged Approach (The What)

– Drip Campaign

– Text

– Phone calls

– Email

– CRM Software


@rod Burch

1. Have several men who are strong, dedicate a day or two out the week to make calls

2. Have the men who want to be called share their availability.

3. Pour back into the men that are calling @ Weekly or bi weekly power calls.

4. There should be a measuring of where everyone is weekly on a 1-10 scale.

5. Once men have shown a consistent 6/7, then calls slow down and they are transitioned into

being one of the potential callers.



[Typically, I begin with a text, just to let the person know, that I’ll be calling. This also determines if a particular time works best. They will have my number and hopefully will not disregard my call.]

SCRIPT Options


Greetings Brother, This is [your name] from the Prayer Warriors Global prayerline. I’m calling to see how you are and reaching out to check in with you? [Listen to the response]

This is an effort to be more than a call. We are here for you, as a resource, if you need it.

I want you to know, that you can contact me or BK, if you need to talk and that we have a team of brothers, that are prepared to pray, listen and help.


What’s up Brother, this [your name] from the Prayerline. We are hoping to do a better job of making each brother feel welcome and included. How have you been? [Listen to the response]

We are all busy, I know and it is easy to get lost in the cares of life. The initiative is designed to keep us all connected.

[Optional Questions:] How is your family?

How is your health?

Do you have any prayer requests?

How often to get on the call?

How is your heart?

What can we do better, as an organization? How long have you been in the call?

Who referred you to the line?

(Should the Father lead you to pray and they are comfortable with it, try to end the call in prayer)