The Possession 2020-29

Joshua 18 – Map it, Possess it

Joshua 18:3
How long will you wait before you begin to take possession of the land that the Lord, the God of your ancestors, has given you?

What has been hoped for and prayed for will be completed in 2020. The journey has been long and not perfect, but you have remained. You have made it to the other side. You have survived through the valley of the shadows of death. The marathon is over. You have suffered long enough.

You can rest, NOW, in ME, this is a harvest season, you have a bountiful harvest coming. The wait is over, the anxiety is done, the worry is no more, embrace the harvest.

This is the year of saying, what I have told you to say. The spirit of prophecy is being released, to speak to, various valleys of dry bones. Remove the blinders and the muzzle from your eyes and mouth first, then remove the muzzle from your spouse, your children and all who you love.

My blessings are not a condition, they are provision. What I demand from you, I have already commanded inside you. Since the vision is mine,you are a steward. The provision will come from ME alone and not by your hand.

I have complete confidence, in what I am doing, so I have complete confidence in you. You have mastered a hard thing,LIFE. The proof is in: you are still living!

Many have succumbed to fear, but those that are hearing this, are still fighting. Therefore, because you are in the fight and resisting the enemy – a new level and dimension, of my blessings and my glory, are readily available.

Consider a mountain climber, each height is a different dimension with his own unique glory. The base camp glory is no comparison, to the midpoint or to the peak glory.

So climb high and refuse to look back or look low. Climb for those that honor you, climb for your family, climb for your peace, climb for a higher life, in ME.

I have placed a unique and a specific word, within each generation. The words are different from one generation to the next, the differing words or not for conflict, but for contrast.

Use your seven eyes to discern what I am doing in the spirit. (Infinitely perfect; flowing fountain)(Eyes running to and fro, his eyes are chasing after me)

Zechariah 4:10

Do not despise these small beginnings, for the LORD rejoices to see the work begin, to see the plumb line in Zerubbabel’s hand.” (The seven lamps represent the eyes of the LORD that search all around the world.)

2 Chronicles 16:9

The eyes of the LORD search the whole earth in order to strengthen those whose hearts are fully committed to him. What a fool you have been! From now on you will be at war.

I will send a single solution, that will be an answer to many problems. Power is not strength, power is strength under submission. The ability to focus one’s power is to know when to yield and when to move forward.

You can only move at full speed in your designated lane. There is a danger in moving faster or slower, than the anticipated speed given to you, for your area of dominion.

2020 equals Process:
The number 20 represents a complete phase or to bring a period to an end, especially in a perfect state.

*What does complete mean?

• Having all the needed parts
• Absolute
• Thorough
• Conclude
• Highly Competent
• To make the end of

Completus (LATIN)
• Complete; round off
• Filled full; full
• Perfect
• Completed
• Covered
• Satiated

20 is the number of divine & perfect process, matured fulfillment and an absolute finalization.

It signifies a period of waiting, enduring and a time of mercy. A time of filling, finishing and fulfillment.

The number 20 is connected to many Prolonged stewardships, natural dreams (aspiring) and spiritual dreams(subconscious):

• In the time of King David, Ezra and Nehemiah. Levites age 20 or more could do work for, “the house of the Lord”. (1 Chronicles 23:27-32, Ezra 3:8)

• The Ark of the Covenant was once lost to the Philistines, it caused so much calamity, that it had to be given back to Isreal. It was taken to Kirjath-Jearim, not Jerusalem and it remained there for 20 years, before it would return. (1 Sam. 5-7, 1 Sam. 7:2)

• Jacob served 20 years for Laban. 14 years to get Rachel and Leah, then six more years. God appeared to Jacob in a dream, telling him to return home. At the Ford of Jabbok, Jacob wrestled with God. Jabbok means: to empty one’s self.
(Gen. 31:20; Gen. 31 & 32)

• Solomon took 20 Years to complete the Temple and the Royal Palace. He gave 20 towns to Hiram King of Tyre. God appeared to Solomon, saying Solomon’s throne would be established forever, if he had integrity in his heart and walked upright. (1 King’s 9:10-11; 1 Kings 9:1)

• The Israelites found themselves in captivity, because of their evil ways. They were cruelly oppressed by the Canaan King Jabin from Hazor for 20 years. They were liberated by Deborah the Prophet and Barak, by Jael hands. (Judges 4)
There are 20 messages, sent by God, through dreams:

• Abimelech is warned about Sari (Gen. 20:3)
• Jacob sees a stairway to Heaven (Gen. 28:12)
• Jacob is to go to his native land (Gen 31:13)
• Laban is warned about Jacob (Genesis 31:24)
• Joseph’s brothers bow (Gen. 37:5-7)
• Joseph’s parents & brothers bow (Genesis 37:9-10)
• Pharaoh’s cupbearer has a dream (Genesis 40:5; 8-11)
• Pharaoh’s baker has a dream (Genesis 40:5; 16-17)
• Pharaoh told of feast/famine (Genesis 41; 41:1-7;15;18)
• Gideon hears Midianites’ dream (Judges 7:13-14)
• Solomon asks for Wisdom (1 Kings 3:5-15)
• Nebuchadnezzar sees kingdoms (Daniel 2:3;19;31-47)
• Nebuchadnezzar’s punishment (Daniel 4:5;10-17;19-27)
• Daniel sees the 4 beasts. (Daniel 7:1-28)
• Joseph told to marry Mary (Matthew 1:20-23)
• Joseph told to escape Egypt (Matthew 2:13-14)
• Joseph told to go to Israel (Matthew 2:19)
• Joseph warned of Herod’s son (Matthew 2:22-23)
• Magi are warmed of Herod (Matthew 2:11-12)
• Pilate’s wife: He is innocent (Matthew 27:19)

2020 equals Generation:
A generation is the time spanned between a father and the birth of his children.
Abraham’s generation was 100 years. A generation is also considered a man’s lifetime, three score and ten or 70 years.

After Moses, a generation was 40 years, as they spent 40 years in the desert and only the second generation went into the promised land.

There have been 6 generations in the last 120 years, so currently a generation is 20 years, this means 20 is synonymous with a generation.

• Greatest Gen. 1901-1927 (26)
• Silent Gen. 1928-1945 (17)
• Baby Boomer 1946-1964 (22)
• Generation X 1965-1980 (15)
• The Millennials 1981-1996 (15)
• Generation Z 1997- 2015 (18)

2020 can be read as “complete generation’. The completion is within each generation and from one generation to the next. A passing of the baton. The current generation is complete and the next generation is complete, neither can be dismissed or disregarded.

I have revealed secrets to both and a partnership will be required to possess the land. The old generation has the wisdom and the strategy, the new generation has the energy and fearlessness.

2020 equals inSight:
You have good sight, but lack good vision. Your seeing in the natural is clear, but your seeing in the spirit is cloudy.
I am going to replace your ability to see, in the carnal realms and for a greater ability to see in the infinite spiritual realms.

20/20 eyesite is considered perfect. It is a measurement of acuity, the clarity or sharpness of vision from 20 feet. The first number is the standard and the second is measurement.

The sight distance in contrast to the sight accuracy. The goal in contrast, to the reality. Goal/Reality. The optimal outcome is when both numbers are congruent, when what you are seeing is equal to where you are standing.

The amount that goes in being the amount you get out. This year, you will experience equal weights and measures, 20 for 20.

From now on, when you arrive at the appointed place and the standard is raised, you will measure up. You will be enough, you will hit the mark and you will be counted as good.

There are 7 specific words to focus on in 2020: Reconcile, Release, Rooting, Recall, Resolve, Restore and Responsible.

*This is the year of Reconciling relationships, from husband to wife and from parent to child. Expect old relationships to be renewed, you will see people from your past arrive in the present. This is not to reconstruct the relationship, but to reconcile the grievances, to reconcile your integrity and character.

The love that has been misunderstood and forsaken will be made fully known, in the heart of your beloved. The tears, the well wishing, the prayers, the hope and the life spoken over them has not and will not be lost.

Look for the dam to break in 2020. Look for the flood of my goodness to overwhelm and intoxicate you, plus those, who you love.

You have fought the good fight and love has won a prize that no other could.


*This is the year to Release the pain, the disappointment and your unwillingness to surrender completely to ME. The trials are culminating for a purpose. The tribulations are climaxing for a clear and specific display of my glory.

The hurt, pain and shame was endured for this coming season. As sure as, the Heavens and Earth still stand, I have made a stand for you. I will adorn you like the Lilly’s of the field and I will set your life on a hill, to light the path for others.

You have made a hard and the best choice,in trusting ME. All will be made known, that I have accepted your sacrifices and I am pleased. You are my Spectacle.

Beloved, I am pleased with you. Beloved, I am pleased with you. Beloved, I am pleased with you. Beloved, I am pleased with you. Beloved, I am pleased with you. Beloved, I am pleased with you. Beloved, I am pleased with you.


This will be the year of rooting out and rooting up. Old things are passing away. Old hurts, old reputations, old ideas and old ways of doing things are no more. The cycle has been completed.

The fall and winter season, you have been walking in are coming to a close. I have watched you believe the unbelievable and take ME at my word. This is faith. The faith of Abraham. This is accepting my breath, the same breath breathed into Adam.

The roots of past disappointments and bad decisions are being removed, to never return again. I am destroying the poverty mindset in utero, in the womb of your heart.

As Jacob became Isreal, you have wrestled with the old you, for long enough and the new man has lost all the desires, tastes and thoughts of the old man. I will even remove the enemy’s ability, to remind you, of who you once were.

I am sending the goats in, to graze on your past, your previous reputations and the prism through which you have, even seen yourself.

This will be the year to Recollect. Go back and remember the dark moments, the truly difficult times, You will find ME there.

Stop worrying about the outcomes. I will judge you based on the effort and not the outcomes. Give the outcomes to me. I am looking at the effort, because the efforts are a reflection of your heart, toward me.

I have always been by your side and moments of your deepest suffering have been a result of MY trust and confidence in you. Even the darkest moments and times are from ME, these have been a privilege for you to bear. It signifies that you can be trusted at the highest levels. You are members of a limited and an elite convocation.(Gathering of Eagles)

This is the year to resolve something in a final way. 2020 has a mature 20 and a new 20.

The first 20 is your old nature and new 20 is your new nature. The first 20 is your gift, that is without repentance and the 2nd 20 is your character. In this season, the new you will confront the old you, also your gift and character must come into alignment.

No more false fronts, you can no longer be comfortable in hypocrisy. Living an outward life of faith, while living a inward life of fear. Make ME Lord of All, your mind, body and soul.

When David fought the lion(the spirit of fear), he never saw the same lion again. When David fought the bear(the spirit of anger), He did not see the same bear again. When he fought Goliath (the spirit of intimidation),he never saw Goliath again.

The Same is true of him facing Saul (the spirit of betrayal) and his son Absalom(the spirit of rebellion, revenge and unforgiveness) and in the end, David was victorious in facing his greatest nemesis. Himself. (the spirit of inadequacy)

What the moths have eaten, I will restore to you, using the same power that raised Christ from the dead. I will raise every dead thing in your life. Your relationships, your finances and your very self-esteem.

All that was sacrificed to keep the peace, all that was taken or mismanaged under pressure, will be returned with a bonus.

The time you have labored and the tears you have privately cried, I have stored up. Your name is about to be restored, your reputation is about to be restored and your integrity is about to be restored, to an incorruptible status.

I am restoring the moments of embarrassment and replacing them with honor. I am restoring the disrespect and the hurt, by placing you at the high tables. I am removing the scales from eyes, so that men can see you in your full glory.

*Responsible: (The Prayer)
I am responsible for me. For who I am and for the specific ways you have made Me. I claim my dominion in 2020 and I fully accept and will embrace each of my talents, each of my gifts and each of my abilities. This is my season.

Enlarge my capacity to desire your heart and not just your hand. I am ready to enter into my promised land and my promised seasons. I thank you for the gift of process and that I am being made perfect in Christ.

I repent for the times I placed foreign gods before you and for the times I allowed fear to override my faith. I rededicate my

heart to you, my emotions, my intellect and my will father are yours to command.

This will be my best year on record, as I receive your best, in every area of my life. I am moving out of the way, father, letting you be the perfect and complete Lord of my Life.

I acknowledge you are infinitely perfect and from you all things flow. Help me to flow in your spirit and to self-sabotage no more. I receive the victory now.

I am thankful for the trial and see the benefit of the tribulations. Bless me to face, now and to continue to face, the enemy inside me.

The pride, the arrogance and the haughtiness are not from you, Lord. I will hinder your plans for me no more. I will walk in grace and forgiveness, laid as a foundation, paved by Christ.