#171 – Double Mindedness

Your eyesight is fine, but your vision is poor. You have more belief in your circumstances, then in MY commitment to you. Your worldview is clouded with a need to impress others. What I have said is so, it is already done by MY word You are worshipping the opinions of men and not ME. […]

#170 – Ode to the Dreamer

Here comes the dreamer. The dream is a future anointing, promised and sealed by the Holder of all dreams. The dream is equal parts arresting and equal parts liberating. It is a passport, a baton, a weapon and a guiding light adjusting for each circumstance of life. The high price of a dream is a […]

#169 – Arguing Robs You

You are talking to much: to soon, to often and to the wrong people. Use the clarity of time, to process the happenings within the confines of your soul. Who did Adam consult and who are you consulting? Every opinion is not equally valuable. Talk less and listen more. I have given you one mouth […]

#167 – Swing the Sword

You are far too familiar with your earthly credentials and unfamiliar with your heavenly credentials. You are qualified from the heavens, to do what the world has denied, to reestablish MY Kingdom here and earth. Your posture is a defensive one and you are on your heels, but your dominance comes from functioning from your […]

#166 – Missing God

In a dream, I was traveling in a vehicle at high speed. It seems like, I was driving a larger type of van. This is important, because I have driven many large vehicles. The acceleration, braking and overall handling are different, in a larger automobile. These vehicles require more time to brake, accelerate and to […]

#165 – Time to Possess

Open your mouth and speak my word. You have been entrusted with the secrets of an abundant life. People are perishing, because you will not speak up. It is time for the full manifestation of MY Glory to flow throughout this world, again. Forget how you look and how you sound, just speak and say […]

#163 – The Rhythm

There is no reason to doubt ME. All that I have promised has been fulfilled. Am I not consistent? MY every WORD has come to pass. Yet, you question ME. Take an inventory of your trusts and then compare then a when I have failed you. Heaven and Earth will pass away, before I can […]

#162 – Finishing Well

You have made it to a new day and the next season. It was ugly and not graceful, but you are here, celebrate that you are still living. Acknowledging MY grace in each moment is essential to embracing gratitude and the embodiment of fulfillment. The blessing can be material things, but the greatest blessing is […]

#161 – I Am Jealous for You

Your situation is not a calamity, it is a divine intervention. You have been humbled, to be reset and refocused in order to reestablish your priorities. There is but one priority, MY perfect will, it is the essence of life. I Am removing, the false sources of strength, peace and wealth. I removed them, so […]

#159 – This Plan was Laid

It is time to leave, you have allowed fear to inhibit your growth and have remained in a small place for too long, afraid to move. You have been afraid to start all over, to leave what you know and to leave your comfort zone. Growth in your current environment, has become stagnant. The date […]

#157 – Pearls to Pigs

You are better than your resume’ and your intrinsic value is greater then what men perceive. The wrong perception can be costly, but also dangerous. Your value is not in question, but a questioning of the atmosphere you have submitted to. A precious pearl presented to a hungry pig will be ingested. Swallowed whole and […]

#154 – Your Season has Not Passed

Your season HAS NOT passed. Every dream, every hope, every promise and every desire will come to fruition. Dreams are divine downloads that operate away from your mind’s control, so that your thought processes cannot diminish. The dream is a preview of what is to come, placed within the security of your subconscious, by design, […]

#152 – I Know your Name

I know your name, I have counted the hairs on your head and numbered them. I can draw your fingerprints from memory. You are the apple of MY eyes and every thought is of you. Beyond the flaws and through the mistakes, I love you. MY heart beats for your praise, for your smiles and […]

#151 – Release your Sound

Release your sound and the enemy will flee, release your sound and the captive will be made free. Release your sound and the walls will come down, release your sound and the battle is won. Release your sound and the heavens will conspire, release your sound and the dead will live again. Release your sound […]

#148 – Pass the Baton (Part 2)

There is a baton passed from season to season, a baton passed from generation to generation and a baton passed from the spirit realms to the earthly realms. Before it was Moses’s staff, then Israel’s Ark and now the Cross of Christ. In life’s race there will be straightaways, uphills, downhills and curves. The straightaways […]

#145 – The Enemy of Purpose

The opinions of men make fools and enemies of God. Men will celebrate you into a shallow grave, by tolerating your ignobility, without resistance. Compliance does not equal love and resistance is love, in its unconditional form. Success can be the enemy of purpose and winning a battle can produce a confidence, that loses the […]

#140 – Times of Testing

In the moments of turmoil are where you will find the most sincere peace. Discovering faith in the chaos makes it all worthwhile and these times of testing, ensure a knowing of what a faith is made. Growth is when you can see the victory and vanquishment in the same light, being aware that both […]

#138 – Trouble & Triumph

The Anointing comes with pressures. Pressures to conform, to compromise and to quit. The enemy of your soul has a singular goal, to stop you. His desire is to destroy you, but will settle for delaying you, by any means. Be mindful of the season, when supernatural pressure comes. When the wind blows troubles your […]

#137 – Say Whoa

Do not waste a precious moment being or becoming someone else’s expectation, you are an original. Measuring up to outside standards is a hard thing to do. Trust and acknowledge the instincts, I have hardwired inside you. MY burden is easy and MY yoke is light. I have given you the authority to say NO […]

#136 – Live for Legacy

There is a forgiveness that you bestow, another forgiveness you request and one other that you give to yourself. The most important type of forgiveness and the most difficult to hold is the one you give yourself. Have you forgiven yourself? It is over, it is done and there is no need to hold the […]

#135 – A Better Story

Your legacy resides in what you are able to conquer. Though you have a specific set of challenges, infirmities and weaknesses, it is important to view these problems, as assignments and not as your identity. A common mistake is to believe that the problems faced is a reflection of your value, instead, it is an […]