#69 – This Same Pain

I am bigger than the fear and the pain you have seen. The trauma of your past defeats has paralyzed you, causing you to question your value and your worth. The enemy’s plan is to weaken you from within, causing a cancer of the soul.

You are operating at less than 100%, because you are afraid. Afraid to be hurt again. I understand and can heal, if you will trust ME with the pain. The pain is a catalyst for the trust, use the experience to provoke purpose.

Jesus shared in this same pain, he was beaten and bruise for this very reason. Stop paying for entrance into an inheritance, that is already yours. All transgressions have been compensated and there is no penance owed.

I Am more than a father, a provider or a healer, I am also your comforter. I have come to make the crooked places straight and to destroy the enmity between us. I have come to restore, reconcile and redeem intimacy with you.

Psalms 34:18-20
The LORD is close to the brokenhearted;
he rescues those whose spirits are crushed. The righteous person faces many troubles,
but the LORD comes to the rescue each time. For the LORD protects the bones of the righteous; not one of them is broken.

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