#107 – The Value of your Word

Stand by what you say and in your commitments. Thoughts become ideas and ideas become beliefs. Beliefs become behaviors and behaviors become lifestyles. Lifestyles become reputations and reputations are the value of your word.

Can I take you at your word? Is your word, your bond or does it move with the wind? If it blows toward the north, your dealings are honest. If it changes direction and blows south, the quality of your word also changes.

I AM calling you to be steadfast, as I AM steadfast. Constant, as the sun in the day and the moon at night. Adherence to your word, must be, what you are known for. A reputation of faithfulness in all that you do.

I AM calling you to the highest levels of credibility, consistency and conscientiousness. The record of your word and past dealings must be above reproach, it must be impeccable. You must be known for your integrity.

Numbers 30:2
If a man vows a vow to the Lord, or swears an oath to bind himself by a pledge, he shall not break his word. He shall do according to all that proceeds out of his mouth.


  1. Make sure your yay is yay and your knee is Nate. You are known by your word whether you have integrity or not. Let’s all work on being better men and women of integrity.

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