#115 – The Lover of Your Soul

l love you beyond human ability and natural willingness. MY love for you outlasts any sin and any disappointment. You are not capable of losing or fully comprehending this love. I love past shame and beyond fear.

I know you, see you and love the secret you. I love you, just as you are without jewels or adornments. I love not what you have done or what you can do, l love just you. You are essential to ME, MY constant thought is of you.

Do you understand the power of Love? It is constant like the shining sun, rising in the east and setting in the west. The perpetual nature of the sun and MY Love are the same, the sun is always brilliant, always bright and always shining.

This world exists because of MY Love, because of MY mercy and because of MY grace. Despite the chaos, despite what you see or how you feel, LOVE will always yield to MY whims & will. Why, because the lover of your soul, yet lives.

Jeremiah 31:2-4
Thus says the Lord: “The people who survived the sword found grace in the wilderness; when Israel sought for rest, the Lord appeared to him from far away. I have loved you with an everlasting love; therefore I have continued my faithfulness to you. Again I will build you, and you shall be built, O virgin Israel! Again you shall adorn yourself with tambourines and shall go forth in the dance of the merrymakers.

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