#249 – MY Grace is Reserved

MY Grace needs a home and your heart is perfect. Your righteousness is meritless without my endorsement. Like a currency without a state seal, any righteousness apart from ME is unrighteousness and has no value.

Man only has one way to bless you, but I have many ways to uphold, to encourage and to prosper you. There is not, nor will there ever be, lack in MY kingdom. I AM the GOD of plenty and more than enough.

Those that seek MY feet are worthy of MY crown. A heart and an imagination filled with MY glory is compelled to honor. MY overwhelming presence causes every knee to bow and every tongue to confess.

Stop doing things under your own power and authority. MY grace is reserved for the prudent heart. Tap into ME for the power, tap into ME for the strength and tap into ME to control, the uncontrollable.

James 4:6
But He gives more grace. Therefore He says: “God resists the proud, But gives grace to the humble.”

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