#252 – A New Thing

The tradition that sustained them in Egypt, was a curse in the wilderness. When entering into freedom the physical shackles can be undone, while the mental shackles are left untouched. Your lifestyle is defeating the word of truth deposited in you.

There are many things that worked well formally, but the new day requires a new thing. As I am shifting you from the borrower to the lender, your integrity must also shift. Your present stewardship must reflect the behavior of your future borrowers.

Render to them, as you desire to receive, when your time of lending comes. Be honest, be timely and pay it all in full. Consider it this way, your integrity is a seed and your behaviors determine the latter harvest.

All things have a time and a place. Consider the manna miracle, each portion was for that day and a double portion was for the Sabbath. Those who did not work, did not eat and if the manna was hoarded it would breed worms. The when, the what and the how, each matter to the Father.

Mark 7:13
Thus you nullify the word of God by the tradition you have handed down. And you do so in many such matters

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