#297 – (Part 1) The Whirlwind

In a vision, I saw a whirlwind all around me. It was tall and wide, but slowed down, so that I could see inside. It was full of people, situations and human connections. I could recognize the faces and each was an aspect of my current season, but also the next.

As I stood still, relationships began to fall in place, difficult situations were resolved and the ability to flow in the anointing became easy.

I later learned that a whirlwind forms when two currents, in opposing direction, meet. It can be over sea or land. The whirlwind represents the power and might of Yahweh, coming together from different directions. The whirlwind has the ability to move things around and to shift the order of things. Here is what is I concluded.

*The whirlwind is a season. Bad decisions are made, when the temporary is viewed as permanent. It will be impossible to man’s standard, but it is more than possible with God. Hold onto his last commands and stand still in the midst of the whirlwind.

*God is working through the whirlwind and the alignment, reconciliation and restoration of some situations cannot be done in the natural realm. Heart changes come from spiritual interventions. Hold on to your integrity, speak the truth in agape love and allow God room to work.

*The whirlwind is for you. What appears to be chaos is bringing divine order. Why, because chaos and its father, are defeated and are subject to God’s will. God is using the whirlwind to bring clarity to confusion, vision to blurriness and purpose to ambiguity.

Nahum 1:3
The LORD is slow to get angry, but his power is great, and he never lets the guilty go unpunished. He displays his power in the whirlwind and the storm. The billowing clouds are the dust beneath his feet.

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