#303 – (Part 4) The Whirlwind

In the vision, the whirlwind gave me a sense of familiarity, power and control. I have faced whirlwinds, beforehand and they defeated me, however, this whirlwind was unique. The past defeats had made me ready and prepared. I felt as though, this particular whirlwind was working for me.

This is what the Lord is saying. The whirlwind is yours, it is rearranging the traumas, the past hurts and the pain. God is pulling purpose out of your past and present problems. All that was lost, that was embarrassing and was shameful to live through is being realigned by the whirlwind, to become the cornerstone of your identity.

You have fished these waters for a lifetime, meaning you have done a thing for years, but God is asking you to cast your nets on the other side, to do the same things in new ways. There is not a distinction between this side and that side, the difference is under whose authority are you now fishing, living your life and facing the whirlwind.

The past whirlwinds caused pain and chaos, this whirlwind is to restore. It will all make sense if you trust ME and submit your circumstances to ME, the way maker.

The winning in the whirlwind is to face it, to show up and to be brave. Despite the fear, despite the odds. It is in knowing and trusting the one that holds the winds in His hands. You get to choose what the whirlwind means, it can be a time of focus or a time of distraction. Your awareness of the whirlwind around you is key and keeping it in perspective is critical.

The whirlwind looks chaotic and confusing from the outside, it may even feel embarrassing, until the moment it all comes together. This is the moment when the whirlwind becomes clear and it demonstrates God’s power, might, strategic movement and restorative grace.

*Moses was sent into a whirlwind. It was decreed the all Hebrew boys would die. Not only did he live, but God selected Pharaoh’s home to grow and groom the emancipator of Israel. God made Pharaoh’s daughter his step mother and appointed his mother as nurse. This is the deliverer forged in the whirlwind.

*Solomon was formed in a whirlwind. David sinned with Bathsheba and that baby died. David placed her husband in harms way and he was killed. David’s actions brought judgement on a whole nation, but found a way to repent, a way back to God’s grace. In this, Soloman was born, the second child of David and Bathsheba is the heir God chose out of the whirlwind.

*Jesus was born into a whirlwind. He was born to die, to bare the sins of many and to redeem the lost, forever. Jesus agreed to being relentlessly accused, perpetually lied about, tortured, mocked openly and to die a criminal’s death. Christ conquered the whirlwind.

Proverbs 30:4
Who has ascended to heaven and come down? Who has gathered the wind in his fists? Who has wrapped up the waters in a garment? Who has established all the ends of the earth? What is his name, and what is his son’s name? Surely you know.

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