#315 – Resilience is Built

Could the hard thing, that is before you, be MY will? Could it be MY hand that has led you to a dry place? The pressure reveals to the Master Craftsman were weaknesses are. Is your trial and current challenge MY doing?

When the catastrophe is designed for you it cannot be prayed away, it must be withstood. The storm is not happening to you, but it is happening for you. In the storm, a resilience is built that is unique to a storm experience.

I AM building you to have character and depth, not easily fooled or discouraged. A people with a road worthiness, that I have called to courageous and long suffering. I am raising a people, that are not fearful or afraid.

A shift must be made from victims, that move with the wind of trouble, to victorious representatives of the Kingdom. Believers that stand to face the enemy, wherever he manifests and boldly claim new territory.

Matthew 11:12
And from the days of John the Baptist until now, the kingdom of the heavens is taken by violence and the violent seize it.

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