#317 – (Part 2) Rejection is your Protection

Once the isolation is embraced, a new normal becomes a reality, a metamorphosis occurs. The isolation that was once one sided becomes mutual, meaning that your ability to interact fully and influence them was taken away. You eventually accept the fact and begin to heal, because of your growth, the ingroup, looses its power over you. The person/group that isolated you, no longer has the ability to interact and influence you, either.

This metamorphosis results in insulation, you are now becoming self resilient and your own words and thoughts have a greater value in your world. You no longer need, what you once thought, you could not live without, the approval of others.

The insulation is were you begin trusting in you. New talents, abilities and skills will begin to emerge. You discover a world of possibilities in you. You begin to fall in love with you. You start to recognize your value and worth, you realized that you have something to offer the world.

The insulation is were you begin to trust in you. You are still very much aware of the pain from isolation, but you are learning so much about yourself, that the pain seems worth it, in a way. The isolators are no longer the Judases or the Benedict Arnolds from the Betrayer Hall of Fame, but they are actually key figures in your liberation. The ones that meant to harm you, were actually, conduits of the change, that has given you and entirely new perspective.

The insulation is where you realize that it is in your best interest to forgive them, to live and let live. It is where you become very aware of your own short comings and the times when it was you, doing the isolating. This is when you become comfortable in your own skin. A season in which, you understand that you are enough. You are valuable and you are worthy. Once you can forgive yourself and others, you are ready for the best phase, consecration.

Psalms 27:10
Even if my father and mother abandon me, the LORD will hold me close.

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