#408 – I AM not Done

I AM not done with you, despite what you see. I AM not done with you and my guarantee is an every breath bellowing inside your lungs. I AM not done with you, because the promises made to you, exist inside of ME.

You are not forgotten. You are not too late. You have not missed the mark. You have not failed in MY eyes. You are still, the apple of MY eye. You will live and you will not die. You are a conqueror and tomorrow is the battlefield.

Ignore the critics, because their words are from the pits of hell. Listen only to the voices that matter, the voice that you use to speak and the voice speaking to you now. Take captive any voice that is contrary.

When the enemy changes his tactics, it is because you have become a strategic target. The shift in your heart is now a threat to the kingdom of darkness and because of this new spiritual level, you are dealing with a revised devil.

Isaiah 30:18
But God’s not finished. He’s waiting around to be gracious to you. He’s gathering strength to show mercy to you. God takes the time to do everything right—everything. Those who wait around for him are the lucky ones.

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