#415 – Forged by Testings

There is no progress without conquering the valley of pain. What is valuable has a cost, to achieve and to maintain. The pain is not the problem, it is the solution in an unprocessed form.

Aborting the process or finding a shortcut, to the glory, robs you of building spiritual muscle fibers. The enemy is not moved by a large muscular frame, that is impotent, he only recognizes power.

Spiritual warfare is won with spiritual strength, spiritual strength is gathered through spiritual exercise. The valley of pain is an obstacle course designed to build your spiritual longevity and power.

Looking for ways around the hard work, undermines the process and depreciates the prize. The work, this world needs, requires vessels of truth forged by testings and trials.

Proverbs 17:3
A crucible for silver, and a smelter for gold,and the Lord is the tester of hearts.

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