#417 – Through this Transition

I have seen a foolish man lose it all. I have seen an angry man forfeit his honor, from one bad decision. What I have never seen is a righteous man forsaken. Whether in this lifetime or the next, you will be rewarded.

Stand in who you are and hold on to the image of the transformed you. In the fortress of your integrity is the vitality to endure, through this transition. Your good name is a shield and your pure heart an inoculation.

Nothing done in righteousness and with your most sincere heart is ever wasted. Your contributions are counted and being amassed in a spoil free, tamper free and expiration free realm. I AM personally protecting you.

The best of you is being preserved and the worst of you is being forgiven. You are close and the prize will be in hand, the worst is over, you have journeyed, too far, to abandon the post.

Psalms 37:25
I have been young and now I am old, Yet I have not seen the righteous (those in right standing with God) abandoned Or his descendants pleading for bread.

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