#427 – Hovering Over the Chaos

My love has no conditions, no regulations and no limitations. You were born in love and made from MY Essence, which is love. You cannot gain anymore of MY love nor can you lose a single ounce.

Love is your birthright, it is the beginning, middle and end, it is the substance of every blessing and it is your inheritance. MY love is an unending, an inseparable, an incomparable, and an unvarnished spirit hovering over the chaos.

The chaos of your world is not too much for ME, the chaos of your mind and heart are not hidden from ME. The wind of MY nature is blowing over you and over everything that has exalted itself against MY best for you.

When overwhelmed and the chaos feels more real, than MY promises, open your mouth and praise MY Name. By this you will invite MY tangible presence into your situation, a whirlwind arranging things in your favor.

Isaiah 31:5
LORD of Heaven’s Armies will hover over Jerusalem and protect it like a bird protecting its nest. He will defend and save the city; he will pass over it and rescue it.”

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