#458 – There will be no Manna

Stop. You have taken MY grace for granted! Grace has become your crutch, for sins you are capable of resisting. You are stronger and more mature than you are behaving. It is a time for leadership and for leaders to serve in MY Spirit and MY Truth.

The promised land is yours and is to be had now. Move in the spirit of Joshua, move in the Spirit of MY Favor. Memorialize the manna and that season of your life, but in the Land of Canaan, there will be no manna.

Will you continue to crawl with legs that are capable of walking? A toddler requires minced meat before eating and a baby is sustained by his mother’s milk, but you are fully grown and fully developed.

The manna, the baby’s food and the ability to crawl are luxuries of a past season. A season that became the end for many, because they could not escape the limited mindset developed in Egypt.

Exodus 16:35
The Israelites ate manna forty years, until they came to a land that was settled; they ate manna until they reached the border of Canaan.

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