#646 – A Wave is Coming

Let MY spirit lead you into what is next. You have racked your brain trying to anticipate what is already happening all around. MY Will is not optional and MY plans never fail. A wave is coming.

The coming phase is imminent and already in motion. The people, the provisions and the plan have been drawn out, receive it by faith and accept it by grace. It is determined and set aside for you.

Manipulation is not required, because it is already yours. Conjuring will be fruitless, because human efforts cannot add, nor take away from the wave of MY Glory. Remove your hands and let it flow.

The overwhelming wave of renewal and restoration is coming to wash and cleanse the palate of the heart, mind and spirit. Your role is to position yourself, ready and accessible for what, I will soon need of you.

Ezekiel 43:1-2
The man took me back to the east gate of the temple, where I saw the brightness of the glory of Israel’s God coming from the east. The sound I heard was as loud as ocean waves, and everything around was shining with the dazzling brightness of his glory.

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