#647 – The Dross

A diamond is created by pressure and its form is perfected by the chisel. You have passed the pressure phase and the chisel phase is coming. A hard thing authorized by ME is before you, to shape you.

To be comfortable is not an option, you must stand for the duration of the process, because in the chiseling is the beauty. In the chiseling is the worth and in the chiseling, the value is made known.

Your potency increases when the impurities are removed. When the chaos and the self defeating beliefs are expunged, you become a danger to the enemy. You are a threat with a clear mind.

Be patient in this process. Let go of any thoughts and any ideas, that muddy the waters. The dross are the traumas, curses and familiar spirits, that cause generational compromises.

Proverbs 25:4-5
Remove the dross from the silver,
and a silversmith can produce a vessel;
remove wicked officials from the king’s presence, and his throne will be established through righteousness.

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