#694 – Band with Them

A leopard does not question his spots and a lion does not apologize for his roar. I made them, as they are. It is the same way and much more, with you. You were made wonderfully and specifically, without reservations.

Honoring who you are, who you have been and who you are becoming is a delicate task, you will need MY help. You will need a mentor, a counselor and a savior, at varying times.

You are not alone and cannot fulfill your assignment unaided. I have placed ambassadors, advisors and conspirators on your pathways, use them and resist the urge to become intimidated.

They know things you do not, they have experiences, wisdoms and insights directly from MY war room. Band with them, as I direct them to you. Partner with their discernment and it will project you further and faster.

Proverbs 15:22
Without consultation, plans are frustrated, But with many counselors they succeed.

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