#696 – Dormant not Dead

There was a time, in my region, when we were experiencing the hottest temperatures on record. It was so hot that flowers had began to shriveled up, vegetation turned brown and grass withered, to a point, that the smallest spark would cause a fire.

Everything looked dead and dilapidated, well beyond the point of restoration, I thought. Then it started raining, we received much rain, so much, that parts of the city flooded. We had several days of rain and several inches fell down.

As you may have guessed, all that was once wilting and appeared lifeless, began to green up and grow again. The grass was dormant not dead and simply waiting on the right conditions to grow, once again.

I am reminded of a story:

There was a young man doing terribly in school. He was frustrated and dejected, but his mother held on. He hated school, with a passion, he even hated recess.

He was about to drop out, to his mother’s great disappointment. He said over and over, “mom school is just not for me”. “I have tried and no matter what I do, I always fail.”

Deep in her heart she knew, how much he had struggled, after all, she was his biggest supporter. His mother could see both the determination and the disgust for the constant frustrations, day after day.

His mother would concede to his point, but would only do so, on one condition. He would have to follow through by taking the, previously scheduled SAT.

The deal was simple, take the test and take it honestly, if the results are in fact, as horrible as, you predict, then she would not stand in his way. If you will do this one last thing for mom. I will not object to your decision, to drop out of school.

Even though, he knew it would be a waste of time, he did it. He even applied himself and took the test seriously. Obviously, he did so simply to make his mother happy.

When the scores came back, a few weeks later, to everyones surprise and I mean everyone, he discovers that his score was excellent, genius level. A score like this, would place him in the upper epsilon of students and a far cry from the scholar mediocrity, to which, he had become familiar.

This was a game changer, he was not dumb, he was uninspired. He was not slow, in fact he was advance. The score created a paradigm shift in his thinking and the way he would perceive himself going forward.

Wow. All this time, what his mom saw in him was there all along. The changes in attitude, mindset and disposition lead to a reconsideration. He thought to himself, “college might be for me after all.”

The young man eventually does go to school and the experience is totally different, he does well exceptionally well. Going on to get his bachelors degree.

After school, he goes into business and later, begins his journey as an entrepreneur. Success at this point had become, a constant companion.

What do you think was the difference? What made him change his academic tune? Apparently, the successful student, the businessman and the entrepreneur were locked somewhere inside him.

The question is this, was there something magical about the SAT score? Had not his mother said the same, for years? Where did the intelligence come from?

Before you answer that question, a few years later, well after his college degree, business success and prowess as an entrepreneur, it was determined, that a SAT scoring glitch had occurred. It, in fact, was during the time, that he had taken the SAT.

The glitch arbitrarily awarded higher scores and he was one of the individuals to receive the adjusted lower score.

The 1400, was not his score, nor was he capable of scoring that high. Yet, the score was the catalyst, that created a domino effect and allowed the young man to be smart, to be successful and to be free.

This glitch proves a powerful point. I do not think he is special, nor do I think the young man was unique, but he coincidentally tapped into something we all have. It is dormant and stored deep inside us.

He gave himself the authority to be unlimited, to run at full speed and to accept what was already his.

I have a question, designed to admonish you. When will you, give yourself permission, to be who you were made to be? Can the dry bones live?

Ezekiel 37:5-6
This is what the Sovereign Lord says to these bones: I will make breath enter you, and you will come to life. I will attach tendons to you and make flesh come upon you and cover you with skin; I will put breath in you, and you will come to life. Then you will know that I am the Lord

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