#729 – The Quick Onslaught

Be on guard for the quick onslaught. This is when the enemy appears to come from out of nowhere, with great force and veracity. It will take you by surprise and feel overwhelming.

The key here is in knowing where you are strategically, in terms of purpose. As another layer of divine strategy is revealed, the warfare will intensify. The attacks will multiply.

The tendency of most is to assume the situation is a failed state based on sin. Your situation is bad, because you are bad is the lie, the enemy tells. Yet it, as ALL things are working for your good.

The season may be bad, but it has a beginning, an end and a basis. MY Will can be found in every experience, the preferred and the pain. Even in the moments of extraordinary trials, I AM a faithful God.

Psalms 124:1-8
What if the LORD had not been on our side? Let all Israel repeat: What if the LORD had not been on our side when people attacked us? They would have swallowed us alive in their burning anger. The waters would have engulfed us; a torrent would have overwhelmed us. Yes, the raging waters of their fury would have overwhelmed our very lives. Praise the LORD, who did not let their teeth tear us apart! We escaped like a bird from a hunter’s trap. The trap is broken, and we are free! Our help is from the LORD, who made heaven and earth.

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