#737 – Can I count on You?

Can I count on you to prevail with Gideon’s Army? Or is your faith made of philosophies and opinions debated among the elitist? Are you one of the 300?

There is no other voice that matters, begin to condition your seeing and your hearing. Learn to drown out all other voices, not MY own, because MY sheep know MY voice.

You attend to the matters within and I will secure the outer. I will move your biggest critics to becoming your biggest cheerleaders, through the preponderance of your new character.

Dedicate yourself to doing things rightly. Standing in the gap, while others shy away. Tune your ears for the hurting and cultivate your heart for the harvest of souls coming.

Judges 7:21-22
They stood up, each soldier in his assigned place surrounding the encampment, and the entire army ran away, sounding the alarm to retreat. As the 300 trumpets were being sounded, the Lord turned the swords of the Midianite soldiers against one another throughout the entire army, and the army ran away …


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