#740 – Offended (Part 2): The Benefit of Offense

How do you handle an environment of offensiveness? Could the offense be orchestrated by God?

Is it possible, that the offense has risen, to reveal something inside you, that must go, in order, to get to the next level? God is moving and He is driving remnants of arrogance, pride and ego from your heart, to develop character.

The offense develops a callous for a future season and time. The pain causing the offense can be a divine place of testing, trial and tribulation.

– The refiners fire, as the heat burns removes the impurities.
– The wine press, that squeezes the juice out of the grape, to become wine. The grapes can spoil, but the wine does not.
– The Threshing floor is where the husk is separated from the grain. An outer layer of protection is removed to reveal the tender valuable insides.
– The Potter’s Wheel is where the potter beats the clay into position and submission, becoming a vessel for service.

Consider this:

– Promotion is coming and you are being tested. Move strategically in this season and you will heap hot coals on the enemies head.

– The deeper the offense, the bigger the blessing. The offense is in direct proportions to the impending promotion.

[How to handle the Offense:]

1. First Think, 2nd Decide, then 3rd Speak

2. REPENT and the enemy will be defeated. Repentance is not necessarily about sin, but about correcting a course. (God repented)

***What does repentance mean:
– Change your mind
– Change your state of mind
– Change your direction
– Change your strategy

3. How to Handle Conflict?
What do you do, when you cannot get along with others in the home, work or social settings.

*** 4 ways to address conflicts
– Affirmation / Hear the challenge.
– Assessment / Find the truth
– Validate the truth, not the accusation
– Honor / Recognized the value.

Psalms 94:19
“When the cares of my heart are many,
your consolations cheer my soul.”

Psalms 119:143
“Trouble and distress have come upon me,but your commands give me delight.

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